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Glojuggling: Technical details on RGB LEDs (Red Green Blue). 16 million colours can be sequenced to music. Create your own dazzling light show synchronised to music. Glojuggling: Technical details on RGB LEDs (Red Green Blue). 16 million colours can be sequenced to music. Create your own dazzling light show synchronised to music. glo juggling
Products: Aerotech glowing balls, globalls light up props. Now available fully programmable ultimate gloclubs, balls and glowing staffs. Future products may include glow diabolos, hula hoops and poi. products
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Frequently Asked Questions for all Ultimate Equipment

How do I start all my equipment at the same time?

Using a hub all the equipment is linked to your computer. As you download and/or start your sequence the message is sent simultaneously to all the props.

Do I have to have my laptop on stage with me?

One option is to have a dark start, using the computer link back stage. Start the clubs in time with your music then switch all colours off until everyone is ready on stage. All it takes is to add a synchronizing sound to the start of your sound track.
A non computer start is available by the use of the reset (User manual)

Can I start the sequence running using USB on my mobile phone?

You would require a USB OTG (On The Go) compatible device. Keep your eye on www.usb.org for upcoming devices and development.

Can I use my Apple Mac?

Sorry not yet due to the Java software and its compatibility with the Mac. However, one of customers sent us the following information
" There is a new piece of software out which is called VMware Fusion. This software is an emulator. However this one is slightly different than Parallels or Boot Camp (which isn't quite an emulator). This emulator allows what it calls unity. Basically it melds the 2 operating systems onto your one mac screen. It hides all traces of the XP desktop even though XP is fully running. The launched apps in XP stay on your mac desktop giving you a full mac experience while running XP programs." This solution is only advisable for computer literates.

How fast can I set the strobing function?

New software allows strobing up to 100Hz.

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